Could it be Cesc in but Wilshere out in swap for Rooney?

Firstly, many thanks to all those who
read last week’s blog (over 11k views I was told!). Last week we looked at
possible signings Arsenal could make in this summer transfer window. This week
we will take a look again at two players who I flagged last week to see if
their odds of joining Arsenal have changed.

Fabregas is currently 4/1 which is a shortening of odds from 6s but has been 3s
in some places to join Arsenal this summer. Wayne Rooney is now 5/1 to join The
Arsenal which suggests some money has gone on as his odds have reduced from
14/1 last week.

I’d now like
to look at a player who could perhaps leave The Arsenal if those two players
were to join, it wouldn’t be a popular decision by any stretch of the
imagination. I will however give a little background to the theory of why it
could happen. I sometimes get to hear things that are on the cusp of happening
and most of the time it does not involve The Arsenal. The source is a very good
friend of a friend and is a legendary player who won titles in this country.
This ex-player has heard a certain Arsenal player wants to leave and make his
way to join Robin van Persie at Manchester United. The player in question is none
other than Jack Wilshere.

Let’s assume
Arsenal were in massively for Cesc, if we signed him he would play every week
beyond question. Let’s also assume that recent reports of Clement Grenier are
not too wide of the mark and it would leave an abundance of midfield options. A
possible Jack/Rooney swap and £ deal would then perhaps make more sense? If you
think this isn’t beyond the realms of possibility then Wilshere to Utd is a
best priced 8/1 but I have seen him as low as 4s in some places.

I’d just
like to put on record I heard this a few weeks ago and have not heard anything
else since this was dripped into my lughole and above all else I hope it’s all
a load of cobblers, but purely from a betting point of view 8/1 if the info is
anywhere near truthful is too good to dismiss out of hand.

If you do
think Arsenal will cast off the shackles and spend big this summer then the
14/1 to become Premier League Champions currently on offer may tempt you. As
soon as Arsenal show their hand in the transfer market those odds will tumble.
(Chelski were 11/4 to become champions before Jose Mourinho was confirmed as
returning, they are now 9/4 in some places). If you are going to have a bet on
Arsenal to finally end our trophy drought then you may as well do it early to
take advantage of those odds.

Arsenal to
win any Trophy (NB a top four finish doesn’t count here) 5/2

Arsenal NOT
to win any trophy is odds on 2/7.

If you think
Arsene Wenger will regain his mojo and lead us to another double then 100/1 may
tickle your fancy. Those same odds are on offer for the Premier League and
whatever the League cup is called these days too (Capital One Cup-  ed.).

Arsenal being double cup winners in 1993 to achieve that feat again is 50/1

If you’re
feeling very confident in Arsenal next year and fancy us to fluke a treble like
United did in 99 then 2000/1 are the odds you can get on that occurring. That’s
a pickup of £20,000 for a tenner bet!

Or if you
believe Arsenal are indeed the greatest football team the world has ever seen
and they will steamroller all the opposition next season and clean up in every
competition they enter the odds are 5000/1.

This weeks
£10 bet is to take advantage of the 14/1 on offer for Arsenal to win next
season’s Premier League.

This week’s
BFG (Best Friend Gaz) bet is Steve McClaren to take over at Wigan Athletic at

 (He’s already had two interviews I’m led to believe)

As ever
please only wager what you can afford to lose and feel free to discuss any or
all of the above with me on Twitter.

Andy Wood

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2 Responses to Could it be Cesc in but Wilshere out in swap for Rooney?

  1. Jake Price June 7, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

    This is ridiculous, why would we offer Jack (our most promising player & also England’s) for an ‘aging’ Rooney + cash, who yes on his day is unplayable, but his day only occurs very rarely. Even if Cesc were to join it would give great flexibility with Arteta/Cesc/Santi being a possible middle trio, or Arteta, Jack, Cesc w/ Santi wide. With the additions of Aaron Ramsey rotating in, and if a fully fit Diaby is also present, I’d argue that those options would make the strongest flexible midfield 3 in the league, something that is key to our style of football. If that were the deal they wanted, I’m sure Wenger would rather Cesc come in and he’d go elsewhere for a striker.. losing Jack isn’t on his agenda. Those situations are very hypothetical however at present, and until we see money being spent that’s how it will have to be seen. Just an honest opinion from a fellow Gooner…

  2. Evan Fox June 7, 2013 at 1:09 pm #

    Kaka’s bidding was closed out last year because a move to Arsenal seemed a sure thing. Odds are trendy and riddled with fans emotional ties to players and teams.

    Wilshere is not going to leave Arsenal. He would probably be the last person Arsene would sell off. Arsene would buy and resell fabregas before offloading Wilshere….

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