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Today is Friday and that
brings us the fifth day of the Gunners Town Awards week. So far this week we
gave awarded our Player of the Season, Most Improved player, goal from the season
as well as yesterday’s Home Performance of the season.

award is the Away Performance of the Season and the Arsenal Away Boys are known
for being the best among the country. We have sold out every away allocation
for every game for the past eight seasons, and there isn’t much more satisfying
than making the long and expensive trip up north (or abroad) to watch the lads
put in a performance and bring back the bacon; and three points. This campaign
has witnessed the Gunners earn a number of priceless results on the road that
went a long way towards securing our spot in the Champions League for next

below is what our writes think of the award.

Batmandela – 2-0 vs. Bayern Munich

I think people will look back and
identify this game as the turning point for the last eight disappointing
seasons. It’s the game where Wenger and his much-maligned team proved they have
what it takes to be Champions. But for an outdated Away Goal rule, we could
have achieved the impossible, rectified our shoddy home performance, and saved
another trophy from slipping out of our grasp. We beat the team that beat
Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate. The team that is in the final. The team that is the
toast of Europe. The team that won the final and is the best in Europe. And we
beat them convincingly, on their home turf, and made them look frail and
panicky. A glorious loss.

Darren Wright – 1-0 vs. Newcastle

Newcastle away in the last game
of the season. Showed bottle. Big bottle. 

Steve Wellman – 2-0 vs. Bayern Munich

brilliant and frustrating game. Brilliant because Arsenal showed they can turn
it on when they need to. Frustrating that we don’t do it all the time.

Chris Moar – 1-0 vs.

Mine has to be the 1-0 win
against Sunderland. I’m quite a footballing masochist, as much as I try to deny
it. I love nothing more than a victory which has us on the edge of our seats
throughout. The away game against Sunderland typified that. Wojciech Szczesny
was impeccable between the sticks and Bacary Sagna was unstoppable in the CB

Ryan Baker – 1-1 vs.
Manchester City

For me, the performance at
Manchester City was the away performance of the year. We showed determination,
grit and I believe outplayed the opponents on the day and we’re unlucky to just
get a draw. Laurent Koscielny cropped up with the goal and the celebration was
the result of the players feeling the way I did – satisfied with a draw after
being the better team for most of the match.

Chris Mader – 2-0 vs.
Bayern Munich

Away to Munich in the Champions League second
leg. It’s not about the result. It’s about the effect this match had on our
squad. The players started to believe in their strength and finally developed a
never give up mentality. 

Michael Jeffares – 2-0
vs. Bayern Munich

A game that changed our season. I
had a personal meltdown when I read that we were resting players as we entered
the lion’s den but that performance filled me with pride and we haven’t lost

Andy Wood – 2-0 vs. Liverpool

Early on in the season and we went to Anfield and
won convincingly, note must be made that Abou Diaby gave one of the stand-out
personal performances of the season in this match. What a shame he cant stay

Dave Seager – 3-1 vs.
West Ham United

Tricky. It should be the Bayern
game but we actually weren’t that great. My favourite as it goes was the away
game versus West Ham when we could have lost then played superbly in the second
half to win 3-1. I was also very drunk in a pub on a stag weekend watching it.

Anushree Nande – 2-0 vs.
Bayern Munich

The 2-0 win away at the Allianz
Arena without a doubt. Though the overall result still knocked us out of the
Champions League, being the first team to beat the German champions at home since
November 2012 (after losing the home leg 3-1) had a rousing effect on our
team’s future performances and belief in themselves. Coming after a NLD defeat,
this was a never-give-up mentality that we carried on for the rest of the

Abayomi Aje – 2-0 vs.
Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich away was for me the best away

John Woods – 2-0 vs.
Bayern Munich

Without doubt
Bayern, but as the 10 man argument for The Spuds, the doubters will say,
“oh they weren’t trying” (bullshit), but with that in mind I’ll go
for Liverpool away – Really instilled belief in the new look team/signings.

 Matt Littlechild – 2-0 vs. Bayern Munich

After a dismal first leg display that saw us
lose 3-1, we took a lot of pride from the fact we went to the home of the
eventual Champions League winners and had them sweating right to the final
whistle as we secured an incredible 2-0 away win at the Allianz Arena; Bayern
Munich’s first home defeat since 1877 (or something). Goals from French duo
Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny were the reward we received for a gutsy
display and although it wasn’t enough to remain in the competition, it provided
the foundation with which we went on to finish the season unbeaten in our
remaining Premier League fixtures and overturn a seven point deficit to finish
ahead of Sp*rs and in the Top Four again.

Lvova – 2-0 vs. Bayern Munich

away by a mile. Beautiful football was played that night. Beautiful character
shone that night.  

Gunners Town Away Performance of the Season – 2-0 vs. Bayern Munich

Do you agree? Let us know by placing your vote below and then either leave us a comment or Tweet us saying which match deserves the award. The best answers will be displayed in the reveal piece next week.

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