Gunners Town Awards – Goal of the season; Place your vote here!

marks day three of the Gunners Town awards week. Monday saw us name of Player
of the Season from a diverse group, while yesterday’s piece showed that there
was only one clear winner of our Most Improved Player of the Season accolade.

Today’s accolade is an enjoyable one as we name what we
believe to be the best goals of the season. We’ve witnessed some absolute
scorchers this year, from passing and moving play, to utter bangers that leave
you speechless.

So with that in mind, get the popcorn ready, sit back, relax
and watch the best Gunners goals from the campaign.

Batmandela– Lauent Kosicelny
(Newcastle United away)

Without a doubt, the most
important goal of our season. Maybe not as pretty as some of Cazorla’s, or
powerful as Poldi’s, or zippy as Theo’s – but it’s the goals that are
opportunistic and scrappy that sometimes count the most. When chances are being
missed, and a game is slipping into a stalemate – it’s the hard-earned goals
that sheer willpower fashion out of nothing that can save a season. It’s the
second time Koz has been the player to deliver Champions League qualification,
and for that, I believe he deserves this accolade.

Matt Littlechild – Lukas Podolski
(Montpellier Home)

A goal not to be remembered because of it’s importance, rather it’s
sheer technical brilliance as Lukas Podolski smashed home Arsenal’s second in a
2-0 home win against Montpellier in the Champions League group stages. A quick
break from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain resulted with the ball at Podolski’s feet
around 25 yards out. The German then played a fantastic one-two with Olivier
Giroud, the Frenchman chipping the return into the area where Podolski thumped
the ball home past the ‘keeper with his favoured left foot. A fantastic strike
of real quality.

Jeremy Lebor – Theo Walcott (Third vs. Newcastle United)

There may be other goals that fans will feel deserve the accolade of goal of the season, but Theo’s third at home against Newcastle is in my opinion a worthy winner. I had the perfect view from where I sit and somehow knew he was going to score from the moment he took the free kick. He manoeuvred past two defenders, was brought down inside the box, but gets up and then chipped the ball over the keeper from a really tight angle. A pleasure to witness!

Darren Wright – Lukas
Podolski (Montpellier Home)

My goal of the year for Arsenal
has to be Lukas Podolski’s goal against Montpellier. The build up was more
beautiful than Ke

lly Brook and the volley-finish from the German was more
powerful than the most powerful power of all time.

Steve Wellman – Lukas
Podolski (Montpellier Home)

Ox’s run, Giroud’s link
up play, Podolski’s perfectly executed volley.

Anushree Nande – Errrrmm

This is a tough one. I have a few
contenders: (in no particular order)

Wilshere’s goal versus Swansea in
the FA Cup

Walcott’s first in the 7-3 win
versus Newcastle

Poldolski’s equaliser in the 5-1
win against West Ham

Santi’s goal in the 4-1 vs

Poldi’s freekick in the 6-1 vs

Ramsey’s goal in the 4-1 vs

Giroud’s debut PL goal in the 3-1
against West Ham.

Cazorla’s 25 yard strike in the
3-1 vs West Ham.

Chris Moar – Kieran
Gibbs (Swansea City Away – FA Cup)

I’m going with Kieran Gibbs Vs
Swansea. The pure technique in the strike, especially from a left-back who
isn’t renowned for his goal scoring, was superb. The celebration was brilliant

Ryan Baker – Theo
Walcott (Third vs. Newcastle United)

Walcott against Newcastle. Jinxed
past two defenders, brought down inside the box, gets up, chips the keeper from
a tight angle. What a goal. Defines his determination to score, not just win
penalties which is rare nowadays.

Dave Seager – Theo
Walcott (Third vs. Newcastle United)

This one is easy and it is Theo’s
hattrick solo effort against the Toon at the Emirates in the 7-3. Guile,
confidence, skill, bravery and then the finish which reminded me of one of the
great goal scored by Arshavin v Blackburn in 2010.

Chris Mader – Laurent
Koscielny (Newcastle United Away)

KOS against Newcastle last Sunday as it
secured Champions League Quali. But I liked Santi’s goal away to West Ham. What
a screamer.

 Michael Jeffares – Lukas Podolski

An outrageous finish of the
highest order as he nearly ripped the net off. Giroud has laid on a couple of
delightful passes this season and Poldi didn’t even have to break stride
as he blew the keeper. Superb goal.

Andy Wood – Lukas
Podolski (Montpellier)

Podolski v Montpellier- Howitzer of a First Time
Volley that no Keeper in the World would have stopped. Also should be noted
Giroud`s pass to find him wasn’t too sloppy either. MORE PLEASE……

Abayomi Aje – Theo
Walcott (Second vs. Newcastle United)

Walcott’s second goal against Newcastle in the 7-3.
Sheer ruggedness and never say die attitude.

Gunners Town Goal of the Season – Lukas Podolski (Montpellier Home)

Do you agree? Let us know by placing your vote below and then either leave us a comment or Tweet us saying why that player deserves the award. The best answers will be displayed in the reveal piece next week.

Happy voting!

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  1. Dheeraj May 29, 2013 at 12:17 pm #

    surprised none came up with Santi’s back heel against WHU at emirates
    it had all the qualities of an "ARSENAL "goal.. quick break,neat and short passing
    Poldi one-two with Giroud and he lays it to Santi.CLASS.
    GOTS for me

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