Where to for Loïc Rémy after this season?

A surprisingly good transfer from QPR when it happened, Loic Remy will surely move on this summer, but, what club will have him and stump up the cash?

Obviously, the top clubs who were usually linked to the Frenchman, your Liverpool’s and ya’ Arsenal’s, but is there any other team in the Premier League that will have him? Remy joined from Marseille during the January transfer window for £8 million, but apparently, there is a release clause if QPR do get relegated which could see the French international leave the hoops for the same price.

With the London club 10 points from safety and 4 games left of the season, it does look more than likely that their stars will be plucked from them at the end of the football year. Even though I don’t think Tony Fernandez would be able to cope with the wages In the Championship, albeit, there would be a fall in people through the gate and other falls in revenue across the entire spectrum of owning a football club. The only potential stumbling block I could see is the reported £90,000 that Remy reportedly earns a week, even with the new parachute payments that have been installed, I can’t see a evidently quality striker languishing in the 2nd tier of English football when he is clearly a decent enough striker for a more established European club.

With Newcastle the closest to his signature before he joined QPR, and Arsene Wenger showing his fancy to him after he’s scored 5 in 9 for the Hoops. Let’s hope he goes to a team where he will get the time and players around him that will vastly improve his game and with his clear goal scoring abilities, improve his new team. I think this will be a Liverpool signing if Luis Suarez moves on after his recent “episode”

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