Classics from the archive: Cesc Fabregas (Video)

Where would be all be without YouTube eh?

Probably outside of our homes doing something a little more productive than watching video after video. But it’s easy, and YouTube has pretty much any video you want.

Users have also become very skilled in the art of making a flash compilation video, which is what we have here with this little tribute to Cesc Fabregas’ days as an Arsenalplayer.

It has everything; the slo-mo shots, emotive music, Cesc saying a couple of words over the video. It’s all very impressive and fitting for a player of the Spaniards quality.

When Arsene Wenger finally decides he has had enough of all the stress that comes from being a football manager I think he will look back and his one true regret will be the moment when he had to let Cesc Fabregas go to Barcelona.

Barcelona were awful in their pursuit for him and even though Fabregas had stated he would one day return to his original club, Wenger and all the Gooners must feel like it was a little too early for their liking.

But this is what happens when you don’t show ambition to win trophies; your best players become uninterested and weigh up their chances of success elsewhere.

Regardless, it was a joy to have Fabregas in the Premier League as he is an outstanding footballer and the way he controlled a midfield was something to behold.

Jerry van Wav

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