Arsenal; entertaining madness

After watching Arsenal’s breathless 2-2 draw with Liverpool on Wednesday night, and having watched of their games this season, it confirmed to me that they are without a doubt the most entertaining team to watch in the Premier League.

Of course, if you are a fan, this doesn’t ring true and they have often been the neutral’s favourite because of the style of football they play but this season they have thrown in some slapstick defending which means every game they are involved in is something of a mad cap affair.

The game on Wednesday night, for example, was one that Arsenal could have lost, did well to draw but really should have won. And that seems to be the formula for Arsene Wenger’s side this season and it makes for absolutely brilliant entertainment.

Whenever I have had a bet on the football this season, I have steered well clear of any Arsenal game, even if they are odds on at home. The Gunners are just far too unpredictable and their consistent unpredictably is a gambler’s nightmare but also for their fans to cope with as the team continue to fight for a Champions League spot in the league.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Arsenal were able to go on decent cup runs both in Europe and domestically. Look at Chelsea last season. Then again, it would be no great shock if they did not win anything and failed to make the top four.

The pandemonium on the pitch also extends itself to the touchline as Arsene Wenger’s decision making has come under close scrutiny in recent years as they are audible accusations that the Frenchman has lost his touch.

Indeed, many Arsenal fans will tell you that they are infuriated by the club’s claims that there is money to spend but no real sign of any of it getting spent.

Regardless, Arsenal continue to baffle their fans and entertain the neutrals but tough tests will come in the second half of the season and Wenger will want to make sure his team suffer no more from moments of madness at crucial moments.

Jerry Van Wav

3 Responses to Arsenal; entertaining madness

  1. Mike February 2, 2013 at 11:48 am #

    You're correct. Wenger has suffered criticism from some (so-called) Arsenal fans but only the ones who are naive enough to think they know how to run a premiership football club. There were plenty moaning before the transfer deadline, confidently predicting Arsenal wouldn't buy anybody. After the deadline they were maoning we'd only bought one player… play in exactly the position that had also moaned the team was weakest. If we'd bought Villa they'd have moaned that he was too old and if we'd bought Messi they'd have moaned he was too expensive.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I also have opinions but I don't go around thinking I know better than one of the best managers the world has ever seen. My opinion is, neither should anyone else. And to do so in a way which actually resullts in destabilising the club is absolutely unforgivable. Those supporters are not wanted by the club nor the vast majority of us who actually “support” the club.

  2. February 2, 2013 at 1:08 pm #

    I think Wenger wants Arsenal to be like Brazil. Entertaining the fans is fine if you are winning.Brazil may have played the best football in wc history but haven't won the ultimate prize more often their undoubted talents deserve.The name of the game is winning. In this respect,Wenger has put priority on entertainment and that is why the gunners won't win the epl under him unless there is a radical change in his philosophy.
    Btw,don't be surprised the gunners finish outsied the top 4.And if red faced can win trophies playing entertaining soccer he would have done so.That he has not done so is a ringing endorsement of his trophy haul.

  3. Mike February 2, 2013 at 1:56 pm #

    Acually William, the last timeI checked, the name of the “game” was Football but some people seem to think winning is all it's about. That's why players dive and cheat. That's why forein billionaires spoil the game. Most things that are about winning at all costs are the bad things in the game. Sadly, a lot of young fans seem to think that's what it's all about because they are more interestd in being associated with success than actually the ame of football itself. A sad indictment on the world we live in. That's why most peoplehobuy Man U shirts don't botherwatching them play.

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