Top five Arsenal dodgy doos

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Everybody knows that to make it into the Arsenal team, you need one of three things:

  • unquestionable talent
  • a French passport
  • a dodgy haircut

Here’s my top five worse head warmers that Wenger has unleashed on the Premiership:

(5)  Freddie Ljungberg

The red Mohawk was just one of a small collection of poor fashion statements from the Swedish winger.  Freddie often made statements with the manner of his head piece, but thankfully those statements weren’t reflected on the pitch.

(4) Manuel Almunia

Who can argue that the Señor Almunia looked a bit of a wally with his Village People impressions. The bleached blonde bonce wouldn’t have been so bad, if it wasn’t a bleached blonde bonce.

(3) Alex Song

Ahh, another of the blonde contingent.  Just how do you attract more attention that Katie Price getting out of a taxi? I know! I’ll bleach my entire head blonde! Thankfully, Abel Xavier’s long lost brother is pretty handy with his feet.

(2) Bakary Sagna

Now what on earth would make you think that what can only be described an a South American jungle tarantula, would look quite tidy placed on your napper? Well, what you and I might think looks like a tropical animal, our marauding right back calls a doo.

(1) Emmanuel Petit/David Seaman

The new boys cannot out-do the master of disasters themselves, the ponytail boys. In Petit’s case especially it was evident that his ponytail was his power. The day he cut it off was the day he became a has-been. As for our Dave, well he would never have been able to save that Peschisolido shot without the gracious flutter of his ponytail following him like a lost puppy across the goal line… FACT!

Any other contenders?

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