Everton are more attractive than Arsenal?

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In the news today:

Sam Wallace of The Independent writes that Everton defender, Phil Jagielka has turned down an opportunity to join Arsenal this summer. The England international, who is a long-term target of Arsenal, has supposedly snubbed a move south because he doesn’t see Arsenal as an ‘attractive’ opportunity.

Wallace writes that Jagielka ‘does not regard a move to Arsenal as a more attractive option than staying at Everton.’

With a price tag of over £15m and at 28 years old, this could well be Jagielka’s final chance to play at the peak of the top flight. However, does Jagielka’s admission ultimately suggest that Arsenal are losing their ‘big club’ appeal, as the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City raid their rivals of their best talents?

Jagielka signed a new four year contract with Everton this year, and should he turn down Arsenal in favour of staying on Merseyside, it would suggest that he intends on honouring that deal – the kind of loyalty that many Arsenal fans are calling for closer to home.

With Samir Nasri’s on and off move to Manchester City, should the Frenchman follow in the footsteps of several Gooners before him, does this add argument to Wallace’s case?

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3 Responses to Everton are more attractive than Arsenal?

  1. silah July 18, 2011 at 8:42 am #

    he is too old for arsenal!

  2. bluegreenius@hotmail.com July 18, 2011 at 10:27 am #

    If wenger ever needed a wake-up call it is this one. The “folly” of failing to strengthen the team in key positions has its knock-on effects down to this statement: “arsenal are no longer seen as a big club”
    The damage was done probably 2 seasons ago when wenger didnt buy a central defender or two.Weaknesses in defense have resulted in unsuccessful campaigns, notably the humiliating carling cup final. Cesc and nasri have found it easy to quit a club that is seemingly unambitious with a manager that just won't spend the bare minimum to provide a sound base on which to build. This in turn makes players like jagielka believe that we arent a big club. Its a downward spiral….a route wenger could have avoided with some sensible and relatively inexpensive acquisitions years ago.
    Lets face it, the tail end of last season demonstrated exactly how good we really are, and as teams lose their fear-factor of the once great arsenal teams, they are enjoying success with a simplistic long and high ball and pressure tactics aimed at the heart of a very shaky defense.

  3. bREAL2011@gmail.com July 18, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

    “However, does Jagielka's admission ultimately suggest that Arsenal are losing their 'big club' appeal.”

    if you tell a lie often enough it will become the truth.

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