Exodus, what exodus?

WTTGT Writer: John Montanye

There has been much talk about an exodus at Arsenal this summer. Much of this talk has been produced directly by the media and the blogosphere. I say: “What exodus?”

Irreplaceable skipper

First we have Cesc. Is he an important player? YES! Is he irreplaceable? NO!

Listen, let’s be clear, he is efficient, he has great vision and a superb touch. It would also be helpful to note that none of this matters as we have only seen this against the likes of Aston Villa and Blackburn. Cesc goes missing in big matches and his injuries are becoming more of a problem, missing a great deal of games these last two years.

He will be missed but we can become a better team by not having the game flow through one player. We could do less with a want-away captain that is often injured and more with hard working lads that would die for the club, i.e. Ramsey.

Au Revoir

Next we go on to Nasri. Ahhh, Mr. Samir Nasri. How easy it is to forget that only one year ago he was marginally part of the first XI? And how easily it’s to see the reasons why in the second half of last year when he completely disappeared. He’s hardly Dennis Bergkamp.

Nasri has great talent; the problem with this is that he is completely disinterested in any kind of team play, and highly inconsistent. Four assists in each of the last two years as a midfielder/winger says it all. Arshavin has more goals and more assists over the same time period; as a matter of fact Andrei has six times the assists Nasri does over the same time period and in the same amount of games.

So what does this all mean?

To me it means that he is another cog in the machine that can be replaced, not easily replaced, but replaced nonetheless. If we make a tidy sum from his departure then so be it. The only thing I would caution is not to give him any motivation by letting him stay in the Premiership next year, ship him off to Spain or Italy if necessary, but Mr. Wenger should not bolster the opposition.

The pretender

Now we go on to Clichy. Gaël gave us good work rate, although it usually was a waste of his resources. He developed greatly in the years leading up to, and including, 2008/2009. But the last two years he has taken steps back.

He is often out of position, putting our defender in perilous predicaments that also dictates them being out of position to cover his mistakes. He obviously has no clue what it is to play an offside trap as he continuously was caught ball watching and subsequently playing the opposition onside time after time. Add to this that he offered nothing when it came to the offensive game, his ball skills were clumsy at best and his crosses worse. Basically I don’t know how we could not replace him, but I am glad he is gone, ‘Invincible’ or not.

Were it not for Gibbs’ constant injuries, Gaël would have been hard pressed to continue in the first eleven. Gibbs has a long way to go, but at least he has the excuse of inexperience and youth. What excuse did Gaël have for these last two years of play?

‘Best’ of the rest

This brings me finally to our two aforementioned rebels; the world’s best striker, Bendtner, and the irreplaceable Denílson. Both want to move on and Arséne is more than happy to oblige, but there is a slight problem. No one wants to purchase these two!

They are both bit-part players with delusions of grandeur. We seem to have a lot of that at Arsenal.  It could be suggested that it’s a lot to do with Arséne instilling a sense of confidence in these players, and they believe they are better than they actually are. Then, when they leave, they see it was the system that made them adequate and not their over egotistical ‘talent.’  Let’s face it, at this level they all have talent, they just are not as dominant at their respective positions as they would like us to believe.

Be confident, trust

The exodus is a little farfetched. Will we have a different look this year? Definitely! Will we be less flashy? Probably. Could we win a trophy? Maybe, just maybe…

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6 Responses to Exodus, what exodus?

  1. Paul July 5, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    Great bog. All true + Cesc and Nasri haven't even left yet!

  2. July 5, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

    Couldnt agree more, nasri should not be sold to rivals even if it means he will go on a free next year. Fab will be missed but his heart is not at arsenal and i think it will be good for both of us if he leaves ,but can barca afford him?
    I really could not stand clichy's mistakes, he was below average agains many wingers, he cant defend he cant attack, he cant cross the ball…so i will take 7millions thank you very much. I see we are linked with lyon left back, i think he is a good replacement for gael

  3. guns July 5, 2011 at 12:33 pm #

    Thank God, some sense at last. Good article.
    Although it might be very difficult to replace fab but its a good thing that from now on the game flow will not be from one player. That was the difference during the invincibles, our flow didnt go through any single player, all were capable of producing magic and that is how it should be

  4. zdzis July 5, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    I won't commend your insight, as you ruled it out yourself (claiming to be talking obvious stuff) 🙂 But this is a welcome, reasonable approach. In time, as the final games of the season recede into the past, I have to say I am thinking more and more about Cesc's “imminent” exit as an opportunity that was already wasted last year. Wenger ruled it out then, and this, along with the lack of proper replacement for Vermaelen, led to the disasters that sent Arsenal to the 4th place. If Fabregas doesn't go, Wenger needs to seriously assess the assets he possesses and proceed (stealthily) to supply the squad with top-class replacements.

  5. July 5, 2011 at 8:04 pm #

    John M.
    One of the best posts I've read of late. It certainly cut both Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy down to real size.
    My only worry is the potential no-sale for Bendtner and Denilson, although there is plenty of Window time, not only for them but for the promised new blood.
    Much patience by all of us is needed. We must remain calm and have faith in the professional staff at Arsenal to carry out their tasks in peace.

  6. July 6, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

    “we can become a better team by not having the game flow through one player. We could do less with a want-away captain”

    Yes i totaly agree, it's time for Cesc to go, and rebuild the team with more options of playing.
    As good as Cesc is, i honestly think he is one of the main reasons for our team destructing last season.
    Imagine having a captain that has given his heart to another team, only at AFC could that happen?
    And then the “gifting” of a goal to his dream team. It was at that moment that i fully realised Cesc's time
    has run out. AFC, don't repeat the mistake of last season.
    I think when Cesc deal is finalised that Nasri will stay. That is my assessment of the Nasri situation.

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