Taking the Tweets: Nasri’s #Birthdayboy

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Cottell


Samir Nasri celebrated his 24th birthday this week, Tweeting thanks to his Arsenal team mates, Jack Wilshere and Cesc Fabregas, as well as the hundreds of fans wishing him happy returns.

While many will be hoping that the Arsenal board deliver Samir’s wish of an improved contract, his birthday cake is at least an indication that not all hope of Nasri remaining at the Emirates is lost.

He is pictured proudly displaying the creation, featuring what is unmistakably an Arsenal shirt emblazoned with his name and number 8.

Robin Van Persie – #FAMILYMAN

Although Robin Van Persie has been credited with comments criticising the party lifestyle of some of his Premiership colleagues, he has been involved in some nightlife activity of his own.

While on holiday in Spain, RVP Tweeted his thanks to Tiesto for his personal invite to a concert. The Dutchman even posted a picture of himself and the legendary DJ soaking up the atmosphere.

However, Gunners fans have no cause for concern as Van Persie is hardly being drawn to the dark side. Ever the family man, Robin attended the gig with his wife by his side.

Jack Wilshere – #TWEETLEBOSS

Jack Wilshere, having shown Premiership stars how to utilise Twitter to remain in constant contact with their fans, has called for his Arsenal boss to begin an account of his own.

While it is unlikely that Wenger will ever act upon Jack’s wishes, it could perhaps provide the under-fire manager with a way of communicating his words without them being twisted by the media.

Then again another avenue of attack for his many critics this summer is most likely the last thing Wenger is interested in.

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