Walcott, the new and improved Henry?

WTTGT Writer: Gareth Fletcher

The number 14 shirt is not the only thing that Henry and Walcott have in common…

Not only has the Arsenal speedster shattered the previous best 40 metre sprint record, held by (you guessed it) Thierry Henry, but he has gone on to state that he wants to start spearheading  Arsenal’s attack.

‘They signed me as a striker; he always said I would play up front and that I just needed to develop on the right. But I think I have developed now and I want to play up front.’ (Walcott)

It sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Walcott has arguably just had his best season in Arsenal’s colours and taking into account the imminent arrival of Gervinho, Lille’s title winning right-winger, Walcott now wants his chance up front.

‘Out on the wing at times it is so difficult to get involved, especially if you start off slow and don’t get an early touch. I believe I can up front definitely.’ (Walcott)

With Arsène Wenger’s vast amount of experience, Arsenal can expect to see a newly appointed striker in the near future, but could it be Walcott?

‘Wenger put Henry on the left-wing because he believed that his pace, natural ball control and skill would be more effective against full-backs than centre-backs.’ (Wikipedia)

Theo has the ability, the talent and the drive to be one of the best strikers Arsenal has ever seen. He will almost certainly never replace Thierry, but maybe it’s time for him to take his chance? This statement from Arsène Wenger might give us a clue.

‘He knows how to find opportunity and score goals. His face and football skills are very similar to our ex-legendary striker, Thierry Henry.’ (Wenger)

Walcott V Henry

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3 Responses to Walcott, the new and improved Henry?

  1. June 11, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    I really hope wenger puts faith in him because he has already showed he is far more capable up front, than on the wing. But i still think we need a suitable front man to bought too. I just dont think that bender and shamhack are good enough to give adequate backup. 4 forwards are a minimum requirement for a squad, and rvp, theo, maybe gervinho, and someone like defoe would be very formidable.

  2. June 11, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    He is too hit and miss going through the middle. He's failed to stake a claim whenever he's got the opportunity. He's physically weak to and very injury prone. It's not the safest place for him to be – against determined big brutal Centre Halves. As for comparing him with Henry, lololololololololololololololololololol. Henry always drifted out wide anyway to get lose his man markers. This is what Wenger has wanted Walcott to develop and Theo is struggling with that. Oh yeah, the 40 yard Dash record holder was Ljungberg. He could accelerate from a standstill faster than any player at Arsenal, Henry would beat him over 100 yards but he would be coming from behind. Ljungberg showed Theo more than anyone what is needed. Besides being quicker at accelerating than any one, Ljungberg was a tough SOB. Who remembers him running into the ManU box, being poleaxed in the head with Peter Schmeichel's boot and still getting up from that like he was drunk and scoring … can you see Walcott doing that?

  3. June 11, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    enjoyed the comment mate 🙂 i really dont see walcott ever putting in that sort of commitment, but not many players could ever live up to his standard. the point of the piece was mainly to compare the fact that Walcott is following in Henry's footsteps, in 2 or 3 years time, who knows?

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