Introducing the Gunners Town Crew


Dave Seager – 66 Kicks

Passionate forty-something Arsenal supporter who has been making the journey to N5 regularly since the early 1980s – although his first game was in 1976. Always passionate when talking about The Arsenal, Dave decided to send a guest blog to Gunnersphere in the summer of 2011 and has not stopped writing about the Gunners since. He set up his own site – 1 Nil Down 2 One Up – in February 2012, and this site is now well established in the busy Arsenal Blogosphere. Dave’s own writing for that site will continue, but he wanted to launch a new site filled with writing talent to offer something fresh and exciting – so he teamed up with some like-minded friends: Gunners Town is that project…

Paul Hepker – “Eye Of The Bat”

Zimbabwe-born Paul (aka Batmandela) recently returned to South Africa after a 16-year stint in Hollywood, where he plied his trade as a film and TV composer. He adopted Arsenal in the mid-80’s, and if it doesn’t start behaving soon he’s going to send it to boarding school. Prone to seeing the world slightly askance, Paul has been blogging about Arsenal for a year now at As an ardent Gunner propagandist – he has contributed a number of tongue-in-cheeky images to the Goonerverse – one of which is bound to get him into trouble at some point. He will be pushing pixels for Gunners Town in an irregular column called “Eye Of The Bat”. Bats also spends an inordinate amount of time tweaking websites, and trying to make them behave in ways that weren’t intended.  Such as this one.

Assistant Editor

Alex Baguzin – “The Tsar Cannon”

A student studying international law in Moscow.

Started supporting Arsenal in 2004 (didn’t know at the time Arsenal went the previous season unbeaten, funnily enough). Only started regularly watching games a couple of years back. Been in England just once, in 2008. Seen the Emirates, but wasn’t able to attend a game (I intend to rectify that, though).

Took up blogging some 2 years back, partly inspired by Andrew Mangan, partly to while away the time and relieve my relatives of constant talking about squad and formations.

The Writers:

Ese Agboaye – “A96oaye”

Born and raised in the West Midlands, but grew up as an Arsenal fan through family. I also have an interest in Scottish football, and follow Rangers. When I’m not watching football, I take time to follow rugby.

Jamie Allen – “View From Block 16”

I’m a 25 year old with a degree in journalism and I’ve been supporting Arsenal since birth (we have no choice in our family!). Writing about Arsenal is something that I always love doing, looking forward to contributing to this website with a mix of match previews, reviews and opinion.

Vivek Arulnathan – “View From The Opposition”

I am a 22 year old Engineering student from India. I’ve been an Arsenal fan for six years now, pretty much since the time I’ve known football. From being a active cricketer, I’ve changed into a football fanatic. I’ve tried playing the game but come to the conclusion that my football life will be more about watching and writing than playing.

My love for Arsenal and writing have found a nice place in the Arsenal world where I’ve enjoyed writing and analyzing the game. Despite a year long hiatus from blogging, Dave readily agreed to let me write for Gunners Town again for which I am extremely grateful. ‘The Opposing View’ will be a pre match feature where I’ll be talking to opposition fans on their views and opinion. Hope all of you enjoy hearing what the other side has to say!

Sulemana Baako – “Hassan Has It”

Arsenal enthusiast and writer from Ghana. Love all things Arsenal and football. Sharing is caring. This is an opportunity to share my opinion about the game with the rest of the world. Please would you spare some time and read what I have written and also feel free to comment what you think about it. Thanks!

Daniel Baz – “Baz Says”

Daniel is a 27 year-old Arsenal fan from Lebanon. He was born in Orlando, Florida, but grew up -and now resides – in war-torn Beirut. He has a degree in Business Marketing and is currently studying for a FIFA Sports Management Certificate.

Darren Berry – “Season Diary”

I should tell you a bit about myself.  I’m not a stat man or a tactical genius, and you certainly won’t hear my opinion on Arsenal Football Club finances. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that, it’s just not my thing.  Don’t get me wrong, some do this very well but, for me, football has always been about what’s on the pitch, watching the game, discussing it over a beer with your mates after, then going into work on Monday morning either gloating or defending your team to the hilt, resisting the temptation to punch the token deluded Tottenham fan in the throat. Oh and my Dad and brothers are all with the Dark Side…

Nick Birch – “Gunner Be Honest”

A 32 year old lifelong Arsenal fan who prides himself on his honesty, some supporters may call him negative but he prefers the term realistic. A newcomer to the blogging scene after penning numerous ‘Dear Arsene Wenger’ letters on his Facebook account which were met with both praise and the encouragement to write his own blog from fellow Arsenal supporters who felt his words summed up their own feelings perfectly.

Cannon Calls – “Cannon Calls”

Arsenal fan for 24 years, witnessed the Invincibles and now seeing the team rise again.

Dougie Cazorla – “The Cuse Gooner”

31 year old based in the U.S. I am an elementary school teacher by day whose passion for teaching is only rivaled by a love for the Arsenal. I release a weekly piece each Tuesday that is oftentimes analytical but sometimes eccentric. Founder of the U.S. supporters group Syracuse Gooners ( I enjoy interacting with any and all Arsenal-based opinions on Twitter. Have a younger brother who chose to support Spurs. Fielding suggestions for ways to disown him.

 Umar Choudhry – “Ultimate Umar”

I am a 20 year old aspiring sports writer from Slough. Huge Arsenal fan, always opinionated, not always right but I am right when I say Kos is the Boss.

 Matt Cotton – “Gunners Town Top 5”

Matt was the editor of Gunners Town from June 2012 to January 2015. He was born into a Gooner family 21 years ago. He recently graduated from Southampton Solent University with a degree in Sports Journalism and strives to work in the Sports Media industry. As well as currently working as a reporter for Sports Mole and TIBS News, Matt has been providing football commentary for the visually impaired since 2008 at Arsenal, Exeter City and Wembley.

His earliest Gunners memory is watching the ‘Boring, boring Arsenal’ VHS as a six-year-old on repeat, to the extent where he could recite most of the commentary from that season. Matt was lucky enough to witness Arsenal lift the Premier League in 2002 as well as being present during the last match at Highbury in 2006, and at Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial a few months later at the Emirates Stadium. Matt’s favourite players include Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Tony Adams, with the 5-3 comeback victory against Middlesbrough in 2004 the best match he has ever spectated.

Matt is an optimistic ‘In Wenger we trust’, kind of guy and believes that the glory days are not too far away… Apart from his editorial duties, Matt will also be bringing his Arsenal knowledge to a column called “Where Are They Now?” – which focuses on former Gunners.

 Joe Dodge-Taylor –“Mighty Gooner”

I am 15 and I have always been a passionate Arsenal supporter. I like to share my thoughts on Arsenal and I am very interested in pursuing a career in sports journalism writing about the beautiful game. I have stuck by the Gunners through the good and bad times but hopefully the future is bright for us Arsenal fans.

Midlands Mighty Gooner.

 Ben Draper –“There’s Something About Arsenal”

Huge football fan, Arsenal is my team, love to talk and debate about all things Arsenal, and about football in general. Tweet me @bendraper87 for anything football related, happy to share my views with you!

 Arsenal Editor- “Arsenal Editor At Gunners Town”

Two big Arsenal fans who make videos for their beloved Arsenal and their fans.

Vincent Fabre – “Le Groove”

Hi, my name is Vincent, I’m 40. As a French long-time fan of the Arsenal, my passion started in the mid-90’s. I’m living in Paris, but I’ve traveled several times to see games at Highbury and The Emirates, always sticking with the lads during good or bad times. I also blog in French about Arsenal FC at As a Frenchman, I’ve supported my national team “Les Bleus” since I was a kid. I follow the French Championship “la Ligue 1” with accuracy.

@TheGarrison_AFC – “The Champions Section”

Big Arsenal fan, miss Highbury. Huge admirer of Henry & DB. Valencia and Sevilla enthusiast. Like analyzing world football and its tactics.

Lloyd Gitonga – “Lloyd’s Law”

I am a 24-year old Kenyan who begun supporting Arsenal quite by chance in 2005 but I got taken in by the football since, and was nick-named “the professor” for having a little bit obsession niggle with football in high school. Writing is all I know, and if it’s about Arsenal then I’m all in. Also, Thierry Henry was signed on my 7thbirthday, which basically means I was born for this club and I have the coolest birthday in the world. When I finally get to visit the Emirates, or Ashburton Grove as I hope it will be named one day, the whole world will know about it. @Goonerdave66 will get me my ticket!

David Glicksman – “Captain’s Log”

A 32-year-old Arsenal fan with a Gooner wife and two mini-Gooners. I also have a dog but I strongly suspect he favours Portsmouth, (he also votes UKIP, the bastard). I’m a lifelong Arsenal fan. I got my first kit at 3 years old and my dad put a nail in my wall and hung it there rather than in my wardrobe. Mum was furious.

Chennai Gooner – “The Good, the Bad and the Monthly”

I’m an engineer by day and a blogger by night. I started watching football because of Arsene Wenger. Since 1998, no other team has given me more joy, sorrow, stress and euphoria. Over the past 18 years, I’ve seen the glory days of the invincibles and lived through the agony of the near misses in the years after. My dream is to visit the Emirates and watch my beloved Gunners play. Been blogging for the past few years inspired by the likes of Arseblog.

Blu Griffiths – “Outta The Blue”

I’m 15. This is my first season as an Arsenal supporter. I’m going to try and blog about every game. Wish me luck! (As a blogger and a Gooner!)

I live in Hawaii – on one of those tiny specks right in the middle of the bluest part of the planet. So my thoughts are literally “Outta The Blue”. I hope you enjoy them.

Timothy Hargreaves – “Left Field”

The first time I saw Dennis Bergkamp play was in 1996 – I started following Arsenal properly in 1998 after the World Cup. When Arsenal then signed Thierry Henry, a player I had seen in that World Cup win by France, as well as already having Vieira and Petit there, plus several English stars like Tony Adams, Martin Keown and David Seaman, just cemented Arsenal as the club for me. There was very little football coverage in South Africa during the 1990s as rugby was (and still is) the dominant sport here.
I was not really ushered in any specific direction in terms of which club to support – I chose Arsenal myself. It’s only over the last 3 years that I have been able to watch matches regularly – we get excellent TV coverage of European football now and I try to watch all Arsenal matches live.

Lord Hillwood – “Lord Hill-Wood’s Smoking Gun Room”

Lordhillwood (aka Steve) has been an Arsenal fan for 50 years, and was a season ticket holder at Highbury for 37 years. In the last 5 of those years he flew in and out for home games, and attended many away Champion league fixtures, despite working and living in Warsaw, Poland.

He was a member of the Bergkamp Wonderland podcast and featured in Little Bit Arsenal’s podcast and writes regularly for the Arsenal Identity blog . He still manages to get to London despite work and fatherhood to see games and meet friends.

Kane Hopps- “The Idiot’s Insight”

25, from Essex. Season ticket holder since 1998. Home and Away week in, week out. The “Idiot” with the banner. Only ever want the best for our club. Some say pessimist, I say realist.

James Howson – “The Beautiful Pain”

I got into football as a kid watching Italian football in the afternoons and ever since I’ve been hooked on tactics and the continental side of the game. I’ve written about Italian football in the past among other things but now it’s time to write about, the embodiment of how I see the beautiful game, Arsenal. Hopefully writing things and opinions about the game you haven’t seen before, I like a bit of a joke too.

Omar Hasan Khan – “Omar’s Give and Go”

Started supporting the club under dubious circumstances in ’97 but have never looked back since.  I’ve only seen the Wenger era but continuously try to learn more about the history of the club.  The Gunners’ results have affected my mood for every weekend for years now, I won’t go into details, but let’s just say I didn’t want to sleep the night we beat Barca!  I reminisce about Henry every few weeks while Cesc’s wonderful passes play through my head every now and then!  Hleb’s dribbles to Overmars’ speed always bring a smile, and I hope our current crop will stay a while.

Being a business major and a marketing professional,  I believe there are always more than one way to look at things and that’s what you can expect from some of my blogs.  Playing football for a number of years in various positions has helped evolve my understanding of the game though I still strive to learn more.  I’m based in Karachi, Pakistan but dream of moving to London one day to be a ST holder!

 Gary Lawrence – “Highbury Heroes”

First went to Highbury in ’66. Season ticket holder since ’76. Love The Arsenal. Need I say more?

Chris Mader – “Doppelpass”

Mad, Jens-like, thirty-something German. Waving the Arsenal flag in Münster, Germany. Red member. Visiting Arsenal matches for more than 10 years now. Still fussed EasyJet won’t get me free flights.  Always down N5 with my dad. Worked in London for about half a year. Started my own German Arsenal blog about two years ago. Expert on Bundesliga issues. BVB my local club.

Marble Halls TV – “Marble Halls”

MarbleHallsTV is an Arsenal social media account on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Been a Gooner since the 90s, inspired by Ian Wright, then Bergkamp, Vieira, Henry, Pires, Campbell, Rosicky, Koscielny, Ozil and Sanchez. A digital marketer/entrpreneur by profession, born in UK living in the Americas now.

Joe McPhee – “Short Back And Sides”

A lifelong Gunner in his late 20s, Joe can just about remember Bruce Rioch and insisting that his dad took him to away games because he had the lightning blue away kit. Quickly grew up to love Highbury and thanks the Arsenal squads of 1998-2005 for making schoolyard banter a delightful experience. Joe quit his job as a teacher last summer to work in the fantasy sports games industry and writes simply because he enjoys it.

Faisal Mohammed – “The Faisal Mohammed Report”

I am a 21 year old from Ghana in West Africa. I strongly believe I fell in love with The Arsenal in 2000 after watching that heartbreaking loss in Liverpool, thanks to the now pestiferous pundit Michael Owen. Or maybe, I love The Arsenal because Gunner rhymes with the name of my country. Shrug. I am an avid supporter of Monsieur Wenger and still see him as a visionary. Also, I believe the result must not always trump the means and glory days on the European stage are just a few steps away. Thanks to all who take time out to visit and read..

Anushree Nande – “Gunners Fair”

Born and brought up in Mumbai, India. An eternally optimistic and fiercely loyal Gooner Girl for life. Bachelors and Masters degrees in Creative Writing (with Media Studies) from Edge Hill University, England. Passionate about words, sports, music, tv, movies, travel and art. Columnist, editor, writer and guest writer for many online publications on different topics.

Anushree has three published short stories, including one on Amazon: “L’Effet De Papillon“. She is working on her first novel. 

 Awolowo Olumide – “Connecting The Dots”

A young Nigerian columnist who loves to spot a hidden link. There’s no such thing as coincidence in football. Massive fan of The Arsenal and a little obsessed with tactics.

Subomi Oguntoyinbo – “Sideline Subz”

I am Subomi. An Arsenal supporter throughout my lifetime currently In my early 20’s. I am a graduate of West London’s Met Film School and an aspiring screenwriter.

I do like to write about various topics that interest me and that tends to swing towards matters concerning Arsenal, it’s a passion of mine. I was born and raised in North London, moved out to Essex but I am now back in North London for university of course.

Clive Palmer – “Clive P’s Points”

AFC fan of 37 years. Grew up in Luton wishing I grew up in Upper Street and could just not get enough of AFC and the area. I was a child influenced by Charlie George but it got serious for me was in the Liam Brady, Graham Rix and Paul Davis era’s. Home and Away fan in times gone by – More selective on games today due to prices and middle age. Priorities – I now watch my 12 year old son play Academy football which gives me a more holistic view of the coaching aspect of the game. I study players the profile of players in relation to squad and team building. I want Arsenal to be as big as we are. My Hero – Vieira Happiest Day – Copenhagen v Parma Saddest Day – Paris 06 & Cfc in the CL quarter Finals 2004 Biggest wish – Wenger to win again and for the gap between the fans and the club to narrow. The best days are ahead.

Callum Perritt – “Cal’s Corner”

I’m a 24-year-old Brit currently residing in Toronto, Canada, having spent most of my life living just north of London. Having a Scottish father meant I grew up a Celtic fan but I chose to support Arsenal as well not long after the club moved to the Emirates Stadium. Whilst I spend plenty of time writing about the club, I’m also one of the co-founders of The Gooner Ramble podcast which I host from time-to-time.

Graham Perry – “Arsenal Circular”

My name is Graham Perry and I have been a lifelong Arsenal supporter since 1952 when I saw the ten men in red shirts hold out heroically until the 84th minute at Wembley.
The Arsenal thing was confirmed by a meeting with Alex James during Easter 1953. As with most of us it is a family thing with my father always waxing eloquent about the Chapman years.
I am married with four children and five grandchildren. I have been a solicitor in a legal aid practice and have just stepped down after 13 years as an Immigration Judge.
Arsenal is in the blood. The goals and the excitement matter but so does the Community thing and sharing Arsenal with friends and family over so many years.
Want nothing more than to see Wenger hold aloft the Premier League Trophy again.

Petit’s Ponytail – “Petit’s Ponytail”

Red member and 28-year-old engineer from Dorset. My life’s biggest regret is never going to Highbury. I try to attend as many games as possible. I’ve always had a love of Arsenal left wings, starting with Overmars, through Pires and Nasri, right up to Alexis. I don’t have an agenda: I just write about the game and club I love as I see it.

Zwi Ramutumbu – “From The South”

Started supporting Arsenal when I got exposed to English football around 2004 (that champagne football sold it for me), but only learnt of the Invincible season much later on. I’ve only ever watched Wenger’s Arsenal play, but appreciate anything of the club’s history that I learn, especially all the funny stories that come out of long-time supporters. Work in marketing research but have a keen interest in photography as well (David Price and Stuart McFarlane have the best job in the world). Would love to sit in Ashburton Grove one day to watch the Arsenal.

Oh, almost bought a Man United shirt as a youngster because I saw a cooler friend of mine wearing one. So glad I didn’t go down that road!

Ryan Rocastle – “Rocky’s Round Up”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t follow in my Father’s footstep and put on the red and white shirt so thought I’d make up for it by writing a monthly blog on the team I love. Been an Arsenal fan since I was 9 years old after I was chosen to be mascot for the  2001 FA Cup final match against Liverpool. I was never forced to support Arsenal, it’s a club I have grown to love over the years, through the good and bad times. I’m 24 years old and have been studying Journalism at Kingston University. I have had a season ticket most my life and go to as many home games as possible. I usually approach things positively when it comes to the club but do occasionally rant. Anyway just happy to talk and debate with anyone who wants to and hope I can provide you with some good quality blogging.

Andrea Rosati – “Clock End Italia”

I’m a 33 year-old Italian boy currently based in Switzerland and I recently started my own blog ( after some experiences with Italian websites and football magazines. I am always willing to debate about the Arsenal and I am delighted to be part of Gunners Town, bringing my own views about the Premier League, the Champions League and the (sad to say this) declining Serie A. I spent several years watching the once-exciting Serie A before discovering the Gunners when they played and defeated my hometown Club in Copenhaghen in May 1994. I never looked back since, supporting the Club during glory days and even more in the past nine years.

Danny Ryan – “Danny’s Dose Of Arsenal”

Correctly chose to support Arsenal though my whole family are Spr*rs fans. My name is Danny and i’m 21 years old with a huge interest in football throughout Europe. Arsenal have been responsible for many of my mood swings over the years and have probably shortened my life expectancy greatly but it has been worth it I guess. I post regularly on and try to provide useful insights as best I can, don’t judge me too harshly. Currently trying to find the finances to attend more Arsenal games although a student budget does not stretch far enough. Did I not mention i’m a student? Oh yeah I do that, studying Journalism although football is my main passion.

Sohum Sen – “Sohum’s Star Man”

Sohum Sen is a half Bengali-half Gujarati Gooner from Kolkata, India. He lives the highs and lows with Arsenal and has a soft spot for Wenger. The things he loves most in the world are as follows- his little sister, his girlfriend and the Arsenal. Always available for a good debate, he fancies himself as a bit of a philosopher and as a tactician. He happens to be studying for a degree in Electrical Engineering, while simultaneously dreaming of writing a blog. He hopes to be a ST holder one day.

John Smith – “Smooth Talking Smith”

John Smith is a lifelong Arsenal FC fan from London, England. He admires players such as Dennis Bergkamp and has a passion for writing.

 Luke Smith – “The Gooner Way”

I am 21 years old, I’m studying Sports Psychology at University in the UK, an aspiring writer and a huge huge Arsenal fan. I’ve supported Arsenal since the age of

 Victor Thompson – “Who Is Victor Thompson?”

A sophisticated articulate Arsenal Man of Mystery. Aged 70 and a bit.

Bryan Thomson – “Pluto’s Ponderings”

I’m a passionate Arsenal fan in South Africa with a penchant for the expletive and a driving need to vilify stupidity, incompetence and reactionary fact-calling at every opportunity. I’ve been supporting Arsenal for nigh on 10 years now from my far-removed vantage at the tip of Southern Africa, and my life is all the better for it. My heroes include Abou Diaby (for kicking John Terry square in the face, accomplishing something we’ve all dreamed of doing), Arsene Wenger (for the gift of the amazing football he’s given us over the last 20 years consistently enough for us to feel entitled to it), and every one of the Gooners singing their hearts out on match-day, no matter the performance (I’ll join them some day).

Matt Verri – “Verri Much Arsenal”

Right, a bit about me. 19, live in London and support Arsenal. Obviously. Mood changes far too much depending on results and how much gel Giroud uses. Fan of most sports, but football far and away my favourite. Also found contributing to @ByTheMinSport, particularly @ByTheMinArsenal.

Favourite Arsenal moment …. ARSHAVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN is probably up there. Just for the utter shock that he scored against Barcelona. Thoroughly enjoy watching players like Nasri, Sagna, and Van Persie rot on the bench. Hopefully my blogs aren’t too painful to read!

Steve Wellman – “Far Side View”

Steve Wellman. The Sunday Morning Gooner.

Gooner since mid 70’s. Sun Dream Team Winner ’97. Season Ticket holder since ’06. Sydneysider since ’09. Welcome to my world, Step right through the door, If you like it here, Please stay & read some more…

Andy Wood – “Gunners Town Tipster”

Born in Mining Town of Doncaster in 1973. Supported Arsenal FC thanks to my first footballing hero who was Pat Jennings whom I loved. My first Arsenal Game was an away game at Grimsby Town in Jan  1986 ( 4-3 win thanks to a Charlie Nicholas Hat-Trick of Free-kicks).  I`ve since followed The Arsenal Home, Away & Abroad and my wife still doesn’t know how much I paid for the CL final ticket v Barca!  My All-time Fave’ Arsenal player is probably Dennis Bergkamp although I have soft spots for Tony Adams, Rocky & Steve Williams (!).  I`m a Proud Father of 6 who doesn’t get to as many games as I’d like for financial reasons ( 6 kids, you  do the maths) but lives and breathes The Arsenal.  I write occasional blogs and enjoy providing punters with the inside knowledge to make the most of their online betting experience and advising them on the ever unpredictable Premier League. I always find being passionate about y team and watching the game religiously helps.

John Woods – “Woody’s  Wound Up”

I’m a 40 yr old Irish Gunner, and have been for 27-28 years now….

(Really 20, but trapped in a 40 yr olds body)..

Answer to ‘Woody’, as normally when ‘John’ is used, it means I’m in trouble for something..

I took my time deciding, didn’t follow the mainstream, and definitely chose wisely…

I let the club choose me, and didn’t let other people’s views or successes choose my club for me..

Seen the good times, the great times and the bad and really bad…

And strangely, enjoyed all of them, as you can only relish the good and great after you taste the bad…

Thats why I try to keep on the level-headed side of things, when things don’t go our way,

as it’ll make the successes all the sweeter when they arrive… … and they WILL arrive…

Ryan Worthy – “USArsenal”

Currently a student studying Broadcast Journalism in America who’s crossing the pond this fall to study at Oxford. I’ve done some pretty stupid things for Arsenal, including breaking my computer after watching an online stream of Bradford beat us in penalties in the League Cup. Still haven’t missed a match for 5 years. Basically a yank who loves football more than hand-egg. Aspirations of being a sports journalist.

Darren Wright – “Wrighty’s Wacky World”

Permanently tanned, love a bit of banter and serial defender of Arsenal Football Club. In my opinion I defend the club better than the days of Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams, Keown and Bould. But seriously, and I mean seriously, I love the club. I love Arsenal more than BBQ Spare Ribs. And that, trust me, is a lot. Lets go.