Jeremy Wenger or Arsene Corbyn?

  It’s a few days now after the UK’s general election. Whilst the Tories won a majority of seats, the Labour Party led by noted Gooner Jeremy Corbyn, did better than anticipated. Funnily enough, he is not only a Gooner, but is the club’s local MP, as the Emirates is in his own constituency. Corbyn […]

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A connection is there

If Carlsberg did Mbappe to Arsenal – Probably the Best Signing in the World

  If Carlsberg did Mbappe Signing for Arsenal… So what if …. Arsenal have learned from previous sluggishness in the Transfer Market Arsenal have finally done what others do and spoken ‘unofficially’ with the player and agent about the player’s desire to play for Arsenal and the personal terms that were acceptable. Arsenal had discovered […]

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