Will Arsenal be a post-Sir Alex Man United 2.0?

I don’t think so….(really I don’t….)   So it’s been decided. Wenger is leaving. I’ve been Wenger out for a while now. But then I hold strongly mixed emotions in this context. I’m both surprised and unsurprised. It had to happen, but I didn’t anticipate it at this time. Moreover, whilst the latter years were […]

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All’s well that ends Welbeck – He won’t get headlines but Danny was the man v Hammers – Player Ratings

    In the penultimate Wenger home league game, we got a nervy win vs. West Ham. The scoreline doesn’t suggest it was easy. the first half showed a strong West Ham performance, considering they needed the points amidst being in a relegation battle. We didn’t really look sharp in the opening moments, and West […]

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Why are we poor away from home???!

Why are we poor away from home?   For me, it’s a no-brainer. There has been much understandable and legitimate debate amongst fans about this, and for me, it just stems from our tactical and psychological weaknesses. Surroundings Our overall record at home is strong. I do not have exact stats to hand but I’d […]

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