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Not really the desired role model

Wenger Claims a ‘Cellino’ Style Contract Crisis is the ‘New Normal’ – AFC Lost or soon to be Restored?

Arsenal lost or Arsenal restored? Was it the beginning of the end when Arsene Wenger’s pen met A4 piece of paper with the heading of his own contract or merely the crack of light through the cave, Arsenal having been looking for, for so long? Do Arsenal find themselves looking down from atop an inescapable […]

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Why Wenger Needs to Go – In the Lexus Relentless Pursuit of Excellence Arsene’s Arsenal are a Toyota

Why Wenger needs to go…. Part of the reason why I believe Wenger needs to go is about the relentless pursuit of excellence. It’s also about my own experiences in a working/corporate environment. Lexus used to have a slogan named “The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence”. For me, this epitomises what a successful business, and football […]

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Redirect your hate,  Kroenke Out

Redirect your hate,  Kroenke Out I know that GunnersTown isn’t a political beast, but it’s a forum I write on, so I am going to take this opportunity. Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, launched ‘My Outdoor TV’ in the United Kingdom over the weekend and as far as I am concerned, Arsenal should not, in anyway, […]

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