It is Time for Sead ‘The Tank’ to Shine and Alexis to Let Football do the Talking – AFC v AFCB

Arsenal vs. AFC Bournemouth preview

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Premier League – 9th Sept 2017

Emirates Stadium


Many of our players did reasonably well in the Inter-lull.

Let’s see if they can do similarly vs. Bournemouth.

Bournemouth may be by the sea, but they are no salts (sorry…) Their manager is highly rated, and who knows, may be managing a bigger club soon enough. And they’ve bought Defoe, who knows how to score against us in his career (for that lot next door to Edmonton). So “on paper” we should beat them, but they are no mugs, to use the expression.

However, we have our own issues, and in a way this is where the season starts.

With the Ox leaving, this means, possibly, that Kolasinac will play in his preferred role. The fact that with only a few minutes ‘The Tank’ has been footed Arsenal’s Player of the Month for August tells you what the fans want. Moreover, Bellerin may have more of a chance to shine, without competition from the Ox.

Time for Sead to shine

It is imperative we get a win, especially with Chelsea away coming up soon.

I do believe we can get the win, though it’s about (as always) how we apply ourselves.

Wenger may not play this team, though I think it could do well in this game:

Kos got a knock while playing for France the other day, and he may be a doubt.

However, the presence of Alexis will be telling. He posted on his Instagram about how he’s looking forward to the game. It may be true, even if the attempt at positive PR is comically transparent. I think he may well score or look to provide, since he knows he has no choice and it is time for his football to do the talking. It is only another year to go, and he needs to prep himself for the World Cup, especially as Chile are in danger in the CONMEBOL group.

Still smiling

Ozil scored a blinder vs. Norway, and we’ll see how well he reacts to the “legends” criticism.

Mustafi supposedly wanted to leave, but then he has a chance to stamp himself as a top defender for us by playing well here.

Despite my team above, I think Monreal will play some role here, and that Wenger will play him in centre-back. He started for Spain in the Inter-lull, and even if Kolasinac plays at wing-back, I don’t think Wenger will leave him on the bench.

Lacazette surely must start here, if not, there will be hell to pay.

With Ramsey playing well for Wales, I assume Wenger will think he is on form, and will start him. Moreover, Xhaka despite some poor recent performances should start, given his unique role in the team. I believe our midfield is poor due to how they’re being instructed. Xhaka is ideal in a similar manner to Dembele at Spurs, in winning the ball and starting attacks with his distribution.

Overall, I think if we knuckle down, we can get the win.



Arsenal 2-0 AFC Bournemouth


Oh, and Arsenal….can we have a clean sheet, please? Our last clean sheet was when we beat Mourinho.

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