Good King Wenger he looked out as we played United – Early Christmas Special :-)

New Lyrics to be sung to the tune of the well known Christmas Carol, Good King Wenceslas –

Good King Wenger he looked out
when we played United,
when the players lay round about,
no defence was sighted.
Brightly shone the Ox that night,
though the rest were pony,
when a poor Bould came in sight,
‘Where the fuck is Tony?’

Hither, Steve, stand by me here.
I promise I’ll let you shout
What do you mean we can’t defend?
I lied just put the cones out
Sire, the full backs must stay back,
the German is too static,
No young Steve attack attack
I cannot change my tactic.

Bring me Santi, and bring me Aaron.
Bring me Mikel Arteta.
Yes and I will keep them on
Though others form is better.
But sire Hector right and Calum centre,
In their right positions
No Steve the slow one and Nacho
These are my decisions.

Sire, the fans are puzzling now
and the ill wind blowing stronger.
Fails my heart, I know not how.
I can go on longer.
Stick with me my right hand man
You are a legend Bouldie:
I will coach you to say yes
Surely Boro told thee

So in his master’s step he trod
athough the same path taken
Heed he must the Arsene God
though sure he is mistaken
Therefore, Arsenal men, be sure,
and keep your passion burning,
Patience all while form is poor
as the Frenchman is not for turning


In case you don’t know the tune and you are in meed of festive cheer :

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