Just what happened & Where did the time go?

April 2013:
Ivan runs into Arsene’s office,
“Arsene, Arsene, We’ve done it, we’ve signed Stevan Jovetic. It’s a done deal, all sorted, no dramas”
“Now Ivan, are you sure. I’ve heard these sort of stories before” retorts Arsene
“Well, we’ve agreed terms with the player” Ivan responds excitedly.
“Really Ivan, really?”
“I’m about to speak to his agent, but its all sorted, scouts honor”

July 2013:
Stevan Jovetic signs for Manchester €it¥ for £22 million.
Arsene can be heard along the Marble Halls “ARSE

June 2014:
“Arsene, Arsene, it’s done, I’ve got him, I’ve got Higuain”
“Ivan, really now, is it all finalized this time?”
“Arsene trust me, Real have said we can talk & his dad says he’s coming. £25 mil’  It’s in the bag, no problems”
“Ivan, when the fax lands in my desk, I’ll celebrate”
“O yea of little faith, Arsene”

July 2013:
NAPOLI have today completed the signing of £32million striker Gonzalo Higuain.
Arsene can be heard stomping around London Colney, “BLOODY HELL IVAN

July 2013:
“Look Arsene, £40,000,001 & it’s in the bag, Suarez is ours. It’s written in his contract”
“Ivan, you are pissing me off now. Is this one all sorted?”
“Arsene, come on, when have I ever let you down? Suarez is ours, I’ve booked the medical. We will unveil him before the Emirates Cup. Don’t worry”
“I don’t want to look stupid here, I’m getting fed up of all this. I never had these problems when David was around!! Just tell me, IS IT SORTED?”
“Look Arsene, this is what Stan employees me for. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing”
“I will believe that when I see it!!!”

August 2013:
Suarez set to sign new contract at Liverpool.

August 2013:
“Arsene, I’ve got this player, Gustavo, he…”

& so the “Arsenal double act” continues, but Saturday showed that it can’t carry on for long.
3 very important ‘solution opportunities’ were highlighted against Villa:
    1. Next weekend, due to injury & suspension, The BFG is our only available first team CB. Compounded further if Gibbs & Bac are injured, potentially 5 from 7 defenders out !!!!
    2. ‘Theres something about Mikel’. If Arteta don’t play, we don’t win !!!!
    3. OG needs help up front. He doesn’t scare defenders, but he CAN score goals, he needs a partner or serious competition & fast.

It would be good to have 3 months to sort all this out…..
oh yeah, WE DID HAVE !!!!!

TheSundayMorningGooner: Gonna be an interesting couple of weeks

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