Gustavo to Arsenal: Will the German Wolves beat us to him?

This summer is mad isn’t it. So many deals “close”, so many deals nearly done. But in the end we get nothing. Even info from the most reliable Gooners out there fire blank. So what is it with Arsenal this summer? We have the money but we can’t handle it. We ship out big time ( which is a good thing) but don’t add quality.

So who’s next? Gustavo of course. And as I work the German desk on Gunnerstown it’s my turn to give you the latest update on the Gustavo situation. There’s no insider info included. Just to make that clear right from the start. 

Fact is Gustavo wants first team football to keep his place in the Brazilian national team. Understandable one year prior to the World Cup. Fact is Munich want to sell. It’s no secret that Pep has no intention to build his midfield around Gustavo. Martinez and Thiago are his preferred options in midfield. And with Schweinsteiger and Götze there’s even less opportunity for Gustavo to get a starting spot. 

Munich director Karl Heinz Rummenigge made it clear that Gustavo can leave. The fee should be around 17 mill which is a fair price for a player like Gustavo. The interest in Gustavo is wide spread. From Wolfsburg to Moscow to Arsenal. Wolfsburg seemed to be in the driving seat until last week. Wolfsburg director Alllofs contacted Gustavos’s agent quiet early and a meeting seem to have taken place last weekend if kicker magazine is to be believed. So German media say Gustavo prefers to stay in Germany. English media say he prefers the Prem!??  

Rummenigge made it clear that Gustavo may go to a club with CL footy. So as Munich couldn’t make it any more obvious even Arsenal got their stuff together and got in contact with Gustavo. A bid was reported to be accepted but that was definitely not the case until now. The English press jumped on it but German media keeps quiet which may be a good thing. But what is a good thing this summer. 

Gustavo himself stepped out and made a statement during this weeks international preparations. He said he admires Arsenal and would love to play for us. Wise words we have heard so so many times. Now Thursday seems to be the day. Gustavos’s agent Roger Wittmann apparently said there will be a statement on Gustavos’s future after the international on Thursday. So what’s that gonna be like? “Hey I’m joining Wolfsburg, Arsenal didn’t pay over the odds” ? Wouldn’t wonder if so.

So would a Gustavo transfer be a good thing if it actually happens? As I have written many times I wasn’t a big fan during his time in Hoffenheim. I liked him more during his Munich time as he seems to have matured in the DM position. But still is he what we need? We need a DM and a player who could play in the back four as well. Gustavo is such a player. He may be a bit ” weak” for the Prem. But otherwise Ramires is as well and I really rate him. All pros/contras have been discussed by Matt on Mondays post. So check that as well.

Gustavo pro or contra we are at a point where we have to act or we are fuc… But we say that for ages now. So Thursdays the day. But to be honest I won’t believe any transfer until it’s on .com.

This summer is just too crazy.

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