The Original Gooner Girl Returns

Today I am absolutely delighted to welcome back Antonia Hawken to Gunners Town. Antonia was a feature on the old ‘Welcome to the Gunners Town’ before the new management and wrote as ‘Gooner Girlfriend.’ Her last post was in January 2012 just after losing to Man United and can be read here. Delighted to have […]

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Did Arsene drop the pizza not resigning Cesc?

Now I know many more esteemed bloggers than I have broached this topic, but I wanted to put a different slant on the subject. Following Saturday’s successful but ultimately disappointing performance, questions regarding our midfield have raised their ugly heads again. Arsene chose the odd but partially enforced formation of 4231, playing the much maligned […]

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Individual brilliance from Alexis but who else?

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger should head to the Scottish Highlands in search of complementing Alexis Sanchez’s rough and wild side

Hi everyone! I’m just back from a wonderful road trip in Scotland and  I was glad I could find out that the country responsible for the birth, rise and success of Sir Alex Ferguson is also able to produce something wonderful, which is reassuring. I explored the Highlands from west to east and back, going […]

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Arsene Wenger 29

Arsenal NEED a makeover – Wenger and Mertesacker WON’T take Gunners forward BUT Sanchez and Bellerin will

Different Season, Same Result  Well well well, here I am again. Despite looking forward to watching my team play after a boring International break I’m here wishing the break had gone on a little longer now after viewing that pathetic display.  I have the utmost respect for Arsene Wenger and all he’s done for the […]

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