Santi Cazorla 06

Arsenal midfielder INSISTS he’s STAYING and looks likely to ADAPT to a new role at the club

It seems that recent quotes from Santi Cazorla regarding the club’s prospects this coming season and how much he’s looking forward to partaking in it has slipped right under the radar, with supporters including myself more concerned about our next additions. One thing we shouldn’t forget is the importance of KEEPING OUR BEST PLAYERS as […]

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Alexis Sanchez 02

Arsenal’s pursuit of Mario Balotelli AND Sami Khedira DOESN’T prevent them from continuing to create their own stars

Hello, good day, salutations and welcome to what is to be my first foray into the realms of bloggery in the hallowed digital halls of Gunners Town. Firstly, let me preface the rest of this post with an acknowledgement. Much of what’s penned here will concern things that you, the dedicated Arsenal fan that you […]

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Ospina - A surprise choice?

Is Wojciech Szczesny in DEEP TROUBLE as Arsenal’s new arrival, David Ospina, threatens to steal his spot?

We are delighted to welcome another new columnist to GT. Andrea Rosati is an Italian Gunner residing in Switzerland and will add to the German and French European Arsenal perspective on Wednesdays. Hello there! I’m new in town, is there any room for my column? It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to interact with […]

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Sami Khedira Mesut Ozil 01

Sami Khedira confused by Arsenal interest as Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker initiate Plan B

DB’S SILLY SEASON DIARY 2014: Sanchez Signs, Mathieu Materialises and Khedira Kidnapped So, last year it was Mesut. Fucking. Özil, and the rise of the umlaut. This year, it’s Alexis. Fucking. Sánchez and an attack of acute hysteria.  Yes, the thingy over the “a” is called an acute, in case you were wondering. Just hours […]

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